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Who we are

Kinetik Nanobites is the first line of infused wellness products from KND Infusions, Inc., a BIPOC and Social-Equity-owned product research and development company started in Los Angeles in 2021 by two business school friends and cannabis professionals who wanted to reimagine cannabis as a functional tool that people can easily and consistently use to achieve specific wellness outcomes.
Co-founders Wes Williams and Josh Eisenberg developed Kinetik in pursuit of elevating the infused experience and reimagining cannabis as a tool for full-spectrum wellness. Kinetik is about wellness from every dimension.

Wes Williams

Discovering ways how cannabis can help

When Founder and CEO Wes Williams realized that cannabis could help him function better by easing his attention deficit disorder and reducing his stutter, he was blown away. But that excitement quickly faded as the variability of his experiences with cannabis pushed him away from the plant and prevented him from being his best self. Consistency was missing for Wes, and he walked away from cannabis disappointed by the lack of standardization in the different edibles he had tried.

Kinetik is all about tactical safe-care for everyday life. Wes and Josh and grateful for the opportunity to support you on your wellness journey so you can make the most of moments in your daily life.

Josh Eisenberg

Looking to create a better edibles experience

Josh Eisenberg found himself in the same boat. A cannabis industry veteran, he had been looking to create a better edibles experience for years as products simply grew in THC levels with different flavors, but did not change in any other aspect. He was frustrated by the lack of innovation and invention and the challenges that my cannabis customers and patients kept encountering.

our story

A combination of full-spectrum cannabinoids

The two first met when Wes was a mentor to Josh at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and when the two crossed paths years later and discovered their aligned interests and concerns with cannabis, the idea to create a line of self-care edibles that could be integrated into everyday life was born. They worked to create something new—a combination of full-spectrum cannabinoids with vitamins, adaptogens and nootropics tailored to specific effects that went beyond the basic cannabinoid / terpene combinations flooding the market.

And that’s what Kinetik is all about:

Edibles for everyday life and tactical self-care. Wes and Josh are grateful for the opportunity to support people in leading better lives and making the most of each day.