The Kinetik Process

Our products are meticulously researched and tested to ensure the highest quality of cannabis-infused products fit to your lifestyle. Putting function and wellness first means you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis without taking more than you need.

This is science

Research directly informs each functional element in Kinetik Nanobites

This is precise. A foundation based on research and extensive product testing allows us to create cannabis edibles that embody our mission to support your daily moments, not take you away from them. Finding the right functional dose is no longer a challenge because we took the time to get it right. 

About Kinetik Nanobites
We knew we wanted our edibles to embrace a few core elements:
Without artificial flavors or colors
the kinetik process

Perfect edibles

We pride ourselves on building inclusive products and did not want anyone to miss out because of a specific dietary requirement or food sensitivity. Our team wanted to create fast-acting, full-spectrum edibles that would provide a rapid onset without any fear or uncertainty. And we wanted to tap into the unique properties of adaptogens. 

our product

Meet the key components

Natural adaptogens derived from plants and mushrooms help your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and contribute to overall well-being. They are key to bringing the body back to a steady balance (homeostasis) by managing both physical and mental stressors. We also wanted Kinetik Nanobites to include natural nootropics. These compounds support mental functions including memory, motivation, concentration and attention. Our nootropics of choice are American Ginseng and L-theanine, an amino acid that can help foster a state of calm, attentive wakefulness.

What else?
Vitamins were selected for their positive properties and carefully added to the mix

Vitamin B2 is an antioxidant that facilitates energy production, cellular growth, and maintenance of healthy skin and hair.

Vitamin B6 plays a pivotal role in regulating emotions, managing bodily stress, and supporting a healthy metabolism.

Vitamin B7 supports optimal brain function, plays a key role in promoting energy and skin health.

Vitamin B12 promotes healthy development and maintenance of nerve cells, in addition to keeping your blood healthy.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps the body form connective tissue, heal wounds, and fight infection.

Formulating for Function

The Kinetik Difference

At Kinetik, we believe that we can help more people practice better self-care by designing products that support specific effects. Unlike other cannabis brands, we start with the targeted effect and work backwards to curate a premium, amplified multidimensional wellness experience. 
After researching dozens of potential nutraceuticals, we pick the most effective and safe vitamins, adaptogens and nootropics to bring you a heightened experience more powerful than cannabis alone. Then we rigorously evaluate our formulation using industry-leading consumer research before landing on a final formulation. 

kinetik research

Dosing: Our industry-first market research project

We believe that everyone has the right to access better self-care using the right functional dose of THC combined with our multidimensional wellness blend.  Kinetik partnered with a leading cannabis neuroscientist to tackle the biggest unknown with cannabis products: functional dosing using an industry-first multidose, double-blind, in-home consumer survey to develop the Kinetik Dosing Guide TM so you can integrate our Nanobites into your daily life without the same uncertainty that you have with other infused edibles.  We did the hard work so you can shape moments in your life with control and precision.

Find Kinetik near you

Kinetik is launching in Los Angeles with plans to expand CA statewide in 2023.